Overlord Military EVENTS

Join the Overlord Military Events for the first time in Normandy ! An exceptional display of ww2 re-enactors , classics cars and trucks, motorcycles, tanks in Us,British and german Army… Continue your visit with the American cemetery and the overlord museum… Contact – Informations:


In the “Beep” restoration program, the first Dodge of three full restored. Next opportunity to booking your Dodge this year , with a next program of weapons carrier 51 and 52. Information on the BEEP: Phone: +33 (0)    

M4 A1 Sherman “76”

New restoration project of a rare M4 Sherman A1 serie with the “76mm” turret.

Kubelwagen – Normandy in summer 1944

Volkswagen type 82 , the kubelwagen of the Panzer Lehr division in normandy summer 1944.

Events – “The Sherman in the DDAY”

For the first time in Normandy, display and running of 6 M4 Sherman and a M7 Priest, full restored with original engine of differents privates collections. DISPLAY 4th to 6th June – Sainte Mère Eglise TRIP ON THE ROAD  saturday 3 juin a Grandcamp Maisy et Isigny sur Mer.  

S E R V I C E S – Military Classic Vehicles

Transportation, shipping, manutentions of every ww2 materials in the world. We find a solution for every… Email :

M24 Chaffee

Restoration of a M24 Chaffee tank , Cadillac usa….  

The D-DAY sale information

Information of the d-day auction with Artcurials. A unique collection exceptionnal result.. Matthieu Dumias of Military Classic Vehicles realise the estimation and technical description. Link for the Artcurial information:

D-DAY, display and action events of Tanks in Normandy

For the first time , we present the tanks collection of Christian Dours. The 4th to the 6th june 2016 in Normandy.  

US Tank Helmet ” Mint “….

Nice discovery , new in box a Us Tank Helmet ,Wilson production . New condition.

Jeep & Dodge , buy and restore, drive on the Normandy road…

Buying project, recondition or restoration … Contact us !

M4 Sherman “105” – Normandy summer 1944

Recondition of a rare M4 Sherman with the 105 “Howitzer” turret.  

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