Join us June 2-6 at the Military Classic Center for an exceptional program

M4 A1 Sherman -The Wheatcroft Collection

Restoration in progress of a M4 Sherman model A1 and 75mm turret.

Military Classic CENTER

Military Classic CENTER Discover all our services for collectors and enthusiasts… In Normandy, on the D-DAY beaches, between Utah and Omaha Beach, come and visit the Military Classic CENTER. In Grandcamp les Bains, a seaside town, discover our activities dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts of the Second World War. Military Classic Vehicles, its automobile and
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Volkswagen 166 “Schwimmwagen”

Restoration project of a rare Volkswagen type 166 , the famous “Schwimmwagen”

Steyr RSO & Flak 38

Rare set of Stery RSO and AA Flak 38 full restored in our workshop.

Continental C1 radial engine test- The Wheatcroft Collection

Fixed point test of one of the Continental C1 models, production # 40362,

10 x Continental C1 engines – The Wheatcroft Collection

After the incredible discovery, last summer, of ten Continental C1 type engines for M4 Sherman intended for the imposing “Wheatcroft” collection.

Citroën Kegresse P17- restoration project

Restoration project of a rare Citroën military model P17 half track.

“Open House” – Military Classic CENTER

“Open House” Saturday 25th January 2020. 9 am to 5 pm. You are welcome to discover and visit the Military Classic CENTER. 9 am, Coffee & french pastry Discover: Military Classic Memorabilia, shop of military and vintage artifacts, his showroom and classic bar. Military Classic Vehicles, workshop facilities for the classic cars, tanks and armored
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Military Classic CENTER- Opening

Welcome to the Military Classic Vehicles CENTER. Located at the middle of Utah and Omaha Beach on the DDAY landing beach, the only center dedicated to the ww2 classic cars and armored vehicles … Military Classic MEMORABILIA Showroom and ww2 vintage and antiques artifacts , militaria & memorabilia Military Classic VEHICLES Workshop and facilities for
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Military Classic MEMORABILIA

Military Classic Vehicles is specialized in the original recondition or restoration and the trade of the military classic cars and armored. In addition to our research in France and Europe , Military Classic Memorabilia will be the continuity for the collectors in original spares parts, militaria historic, authentic artifacts and objects of memorabilia. See you
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Overlord Military Events – D-DAY 75th

Overlord Military Events – June 7th to 9th 2019 Military Classic Events is partner of the events, with this year an exceptional display of collection: Panzer V tank “PANTHER” Panzer IV tank “Battle of Normandy” M4 SHERMAN tanks, presentations of several models Wehrmacht semi tracked, presentation of all models manufactured Display and evolution of all
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