Jeep & Dodge , buy and restore, drive on the Normandy road…

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M4 Sherman “105” – Normandy summer 1944

Recondition of a rare M4 Sherman with the 105 “Howitzer” turret.  

Cadillac engine test for M24 Chaffee

Jeep Willys MB for sale , nice original restoration project . “Normandy farm condition” , original Willys body, engine, chassis, axle.. Frame number #200349 , production of 1943-01. Price: 10 200€ We can restored this MB in the workshop with a standard us army project with a full recondition, Price: 27500€ ( willys include)

M47 Patton ” The Monster Project”

The restoration project of the big M47 Patton tank…

Chrysler Corporation …

Discover the D-P-C-D , Chrysler corporation … Dodge – Plymouth – Chryler – De Soto


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M4 Sherman

New restoration project in M4A1 for the ww2 history of “Bataille des haies” , july 1944 , Normandy….

The incredible archive movie to discover …”Autobiography of a Jeep”

M7 Priest test

First test on the road for the M7 Priest in restoration….

White M3 Half Track

Restoration project…

M4 Sherman driving test…

M7 Priest ford Gaa engine test….

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