M4 SHERMAN “composite” – The Wheatcroft Collection

Restoration in progress of a rare M4 Sherman composite type, production of the hull in cast and welded steel. Model...

M4 A1 Sherman -The Wheatcroft Collection

Restoration in progress of a M4 Sherman model A1 and 75mm turret.

M10 Achilles – The Wheels of Liberation

Restoration in progress of an Achilles type M10 tank destroyer, used by the British Army, for the “The Wheels of...

M4 Sherman “105” – The Christian Dours collection.

M4 Sherman model equipped with the “105 hw” turret, Chrysler production.


Restoration project in progress of an armored M26 Pacific…

MB Willys Jeep -1944

Restoration of a standard Willys Jeep, chassis # 379976, production of October 11, 1944. Conservation of all these original parts...

Kubelwagen – Normandy in summer 1944

Volkswagen type 82 , the kubelwagen of the Panzer Lehr division in normandy summer 1944.

Steyr RSO

Raupenschlepper Ost,  RSO , 1943 steyr company . Recondition in the workshop