White M3 Half-Track -For sale


Chassis number # 4054733

Production Autocar from 1944

Engine #6425

Spearheading US Army and Cavalry units in all theaters of operation during the Second World War, the Half-Track came in several models, from troop transport to anti-aircraft defense, and remains an undisputed success in terms of technical design, reliability and longevity, with some armies still having examples in service.

Produced by several major truck manufacturers in the USA, it comes in two main models, White or International, depending on engine and armor type. White, along with Autocar and Diamond, produced the Half-Track models assigned to the US Army in Europe.

Powerfully powered and armed, the Half-Track remains an example of light armored personnel carrier and, like the Jeep, an ambassador for the American armed forces. Some examples remained in service with numerous armies well into the 1990s.

The example presented here is in very good condition, from the collections of the illustrious Normandy Tank Museum, and is perfectly functional.

The M3 is the standard model used to transport 12 gi’s, with the addition of side and rear racks for additional equipment storage. All the equipment shown in the photos will be sold with the Half-Track.

Originating from French Army stocks, this M3 had been completely restored to its original Us Army configuration. US military tires and a new undercarriage had been installed.

The interior compartment is also compliant, with all canvas seats and cushions.  On the dashboard are the two imposing original meters and all the instruction and production plates.

The powerful White 160 AX engine and all its peripherals are original. A plaque indicates total reconditioning in 1955, with standard bore dimensions.

Both fuel tanks are serviceable, with functional valves, and the tarpaulin is original, with interior markings.

In collector’s condition, this Half-Track M3 is a real opportunity given the rarity of armored vehicles and the difficulty of restoring them.

Price 69 500€