Serial numbers # 1132/159 and Engine numbers # 41TR22

Production date February 1941, manufacturer’s plate matching the engine and hull numbers, “matching number”, the “Waffen Arsenal” hallmark is present.

132nd Trippel out of the 620 copies produced.

This copy, unique in a known private collection, has been perfectly restored respecting all the manufacturing standards of the time.

The quality restoration has been carried out with only original parts from Trippel.

The engine, gearbox, front and rear axles are only original and from Trippel production.

This SG6 / 38 is in collectable, functional and seaworthy condition.

French documents and registration BZ-234-MA.

In the collections, only 8 copies are listed, including the most famous:

National Armored Museum in Saumur – France, copy in original condition, functional but not navigable.

Private collection in England, two copies, one incomplete and the other in working order but not navigable.

The copy presented here for sale and the only restored and navigable Trippel in private collection in France

Its history is as follows:

1941 February, release of artisanal production of the Trippel SG6 / 41, hull # 1132, from the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, Alsace.

1941 Assignment to the 2nd SS Division “Das Reich”

1943 Eastern Front, Kharkov region in Russia

1944 Montauban in France

June 11, 1944, transfer of the SS “Das Reich” division to the Normandy front, taking a different route and several means of transport, road and rail.

Many bridges were damaged by US Air Force and RAF bombardments, so the Trippel crew decided to cross the Loire around the town of Tour.

The water level was low in the summer of 1944. However, the banks of sand and silt are numerous on the edges of the river, known to be dangerous for fishermen and walkers.

The Trippel gets bogged down about fifty meters from the river bank and its crew, short of initiative and time, abandons the car to its fate.

It remained submerged, floating in the river until 1946, when a local mechanic recovered it and then used it for civilian use. Too showy, it will quickly be stored away from the curious and the post-war turmoil.

1978, it was bought by a collector in the region, the rare Trippel was then in poor condition with the bodywork, weather and humidity having taken its toll. It begins its partial restoration and a restart. His project remains in abeyance for lack of documents and time.

2009 Its current owner, after long discussion and transaction, recovers the Trippel and restores it completely and professionally. Owning several vintage cars from the III Reich, he found missing original parts through his network.

2012 Exhibition at the “retromobile” classic car show in Paris

2019 Exhibition at the Molsheim Automobile Museum for the 110 years of the brand.

Price: 350 000€