Harley-Davidson WLA 1942 – Sold


Type 1A // Production 1942

Engine number 42WLA 5161

Exceptional and unique concours condition

Model 42 – 1A, very rare in the collection // Exceptional level of detail and finish

Important original parts, Harley speedometer, USA Guide headlight, rear lantern and blackout, oil-bath air filter. Standard M88 carburetor, wiring harness and cotton wires

Functional and to be run-in; A collector’s item without delay.

This Harley-Davidson has been totally restored by its owner, a model builder and mechanic in his spare time, approaching what one might commonly call a “faultless” or at least irreproachable concours condition. The quality of the work and the attention to detail are exceptional, and the result is magnificent.

An avid collector, like many of his motorcycles, he has carefully and preciously assembled this rare 1942 production WLA type 1A just for him, respecting all the standards of the famous American brand.

The result is incomparable: perfectly restored and functional, the restoration program and work was carried out in its entirety, from the frame to the engine and gearbox. All mechanical and electrical assemblies, bodywork, upholstery and accessories have been replaced or restored, using rare original Harley Davidson parts and the best contemporary production quality.

The specific features of this model are all respected, including the Guide headlight in the upright position like the civilian version, as well as its horn, the T-shaped seat, the wide handlebars and the rare round air filter with its instruction plate. The engine is matching number, with both crankcases stamped with the same production number.

WLAs of 1942 production are certainly rare, the type 1A having been produced in only 800 examples.

To be kept and collected without delay.

Selling price: €37,500