M4A1-E8 Sherman- Sold

M4 Sherman type A1 -E8 , turret of 76, production of Pressed Steel Car – USA from 1945.

HVSS spring type , R975 Continental radial engine type C1.

Small and rare late production in ww2 of 1255 sherman A1-E8 “76”

Restoration project, one side in good condition and the second was damaged by rocket fire on the training army area.

This Sherman was brought to the army shooting area in running condition, every mecanic, electric, accessories and details, transmission,engines … are present.

The drivers and combat compartiment are burned, the breech is present and the steel gun tube is not original , made for a simple display.

On asking , we can repair the hull with our industrial partner.

Price: 120 000€

Shipping cotation and exportation on asking.