Morris 8 – For sale

Launched in 1935 and was available in several bodies for different uses, the Morris “Eight” series will meet a real commercial success in the new automotive market.

Inspired by the success of the Ford T and Y in the USA, the Morris 8 is a small family car that grantend access to vehiclues to the middle classes. Economical and reliable, it will be a real industrial success as it will be very popular in the United Kingdom and in many of the countries to where it will be exported.

By 1940, the Morris Company had focused solely on the production of automobiles and trucks for military use. A large number of Morris 8s served in the British Armies, as liaison cars, and “staff” cars.

The example presented is a model series I, production 1936, a two-door coupe. It has since then never been restored, but maintained in condition for all its years. This 8 is in a state of rare origin.

Its body is in good condition, black of color, it seems to have been repainted at some point in its life. Inside the engine compartment is the Morris production brass plate indicating the number 114102. In the battery tray, a leather tool carrying kit is still present. The engine is the original 4-cylinder, its peripheries are original, an electric fuel pump has certainly been adapted to make it more reliable.

The recognizable grill of the “8” bears an old coat of arms of a British automobile club. It is equipped with a third “long range” type headlight, a typical accessory of that time. The interior has remained in the state of its production with the carpets and interior in burgundy leather and some dashboard elements are in varnished wood.

The instrumentation is original, all AC manometers and speedometer are present, the tachometer indicates 5914 miles (not guaranteed), its black Bakelite steering wheel is in very good condition.

Classic automobile of the 30s and 40s, the Morris Eight remains difficult to find in very good original condition. Contemporary with the period of the Second World War, she will perfectly complement a collection on this historical theme.

Price: 8900€