Loyd Carrier – For sale

Loyd Carrier  – Type : Mark I

Production from 1942  & original data plate #238.858

Similar in appearance to the Bren Carrier, the Loyd Carrier is more specifically intended for the transport of troops (up to eight soldiers) and the traction of artillery pieces, in particular the 6 Pdr anti-tank gun. It differs from the Bren Carrier by its transmission which is carried out by the front sprocket in order to release the rear part where the radiator is lodged.

This arrangement allows direct entry through the rear of the vehicle since it is open while being protected by the side and front armor. Moreover, the passengers benefit from real benches and it is equipped with a tarpaulin mounted on hoops so that the servants are protected from bad weather contrary to the Bren Carrier.

All the kinetic chain and the chassis come from the 15 cwt Fordson 7V truck. Its Ford type V8 engine, with side valves, is more powerful of 25 hp than the one of the Bren Carrier, its transmission is identical but the steering is done by levers. Put into service in 1940, the Carrier was first built by its designer Vivian Loyd and then by the famous Ford Motor Company, Dennis, Sentinel and Wolseley Motors. There are three models according to the production of the V8 engine of which N°1 in Great Britain, N°2 in the Usa and N°3 in Canada and two versions of brakes system and direction Mark I type Bendix and Mark II type Girling.

This 1942 example still has its original brass production plate. Its restoration, of quality, respects all the specific standards of this model. Completely reconditioned by its owner, the V8 engine has been replaced by a new Ford SAF type. The simplified dashboard, pressure gauges and switches, brake and steering controls, transmissions, water and oil cooling systems, electrical and fuel systems have been completely reconditioned as close as possible to the original.

The steel track is in very good condition, the drive sprockets are dated 1943. The Loyd, a very rare model of the universal carrier series is also hard to find restored and complete, remaining a unique opportunity to acquire.

Price: 45 900€