“The Battle of Normandy”- Military Classic Auction- 5th June 2021

From June 6 to August 25, 1944, from the D-Day beaches to the hedgerows of the Normandy countryside, the Battle of Normandy raged. Known under the code name of Operation Overlord, it was one of the great battles of the Second World War in the European military theater, allowing the Allies to open a new front in Western Europe.

It started with the parachuting of the first combatants inland on the night of June 5, 1944, followed by a gigantic naval operation, the D-Day, landing of large infantry and armored forces on the beaches of western Calvados and eastern Cotentin on June 6. It ended with the Liberation of Paris on August 25th.

Today, «The Battle of Normandy» is an exceptional auction offered by Military Classic Auction in partnership with the auction house Rois & Vauprès. Selected from local private collections, about 300 items are offered at this sale where all the themes of this great battle are present: US Army, US Paratrooper, US Army Air Force, British Army and German troops.

This sale puts forward historical pieces very emblematic of this battle…

Paratroopers sets of the 101st Airborne, having jumped the night of June 6th, more particularly two harnesses models T5 of the 501st PIR and the 506th PIR, accompanied by ventral parachute of the same type.

An ammunition box with the divisional emblem «the black bull» linked to the British Army from the 11th Armoured Division «The Black Bull». A Daimler Dingo light armored vehicle of the 159th armored brigade, destroyed on August 13, 1944 at Vassy by panzerfaust fire.

A wooden panel of the 327th service group of the 9th Air Force from the field airfield A-2 installed at Cricqueville en Bessin on June 9, 1944.

A wooden panel of the American Red Cross from the 56th general hospital installed in Lison in June 1944.

A unique meeting which wants to be from now on an annual strong time for all the passionate persons.

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