Historical FORD Canada – sold

This Ford Canada cmp model is a relic of ww2 history, find and storage in Normandy since the end of ww2.

Original data plateof april 1943, this small truck remained in original condition of the normandy battle.

We can see on the body in military green color, the “war number” in white papint on the driver door, the original tactical insignia of the H.Q 21st Army group of the British Army.

The truck number of the company is 24, the stencil paint in white on front and black on the white rear axle.

Re-using after the ww2 in the Calvados departement of Normandy for the civil works, and adapting with a gmc 352 rear short body in wood, it was stopped for a broken engine and storage in good condition in farm.

Price: 10500€

Informations: military-classic-vehicles@orange.fr – +33  (0)