Military classic cars , truck and armored for sale

M4 Sherman “105” hvss – for sale

M4 Sherman , hvss spring Rare little production with the “105 howitzer” gun. Restoration project, Chrysler production of 1944, hull number #64157, with the continental radial engine. Left side hull very damaged. Turret complet , mask and gun. Price: 38000€ or exchange Informations: Tel:

Normandy Wehrmacht convoy – FOR SALE

Normandy Wehrmacht horse convoy , with : Two standard  horse drawn , one in camouflage with the original top canvas. A field kitchen named « gulaschkanone » in original condition with every cooking accessories and details. The date is 1938th and the waffen armement point are engraved in the wood. One horse trailer of ww1, in wood ,
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M4 SHERMAN “105” – For sale

Rare Chrysler M4 SHERMAN with the 105 howitzer gun. Complet hull and turret. Chrysler production of june 1944, hull number #57234 For complet restoration project, hull and complet turret. Right side hull damaged witj a lot of impact and hole but can be restored. Price: 65000€ Informations: Tel:  

DKW Nz-350 motorcycle – For sale

Motorcycle of DKW a company of Auto Union production. Engine of 350cc, this mortorcycle is an old restoration. Works of quality with original parts. This motorcycle was bought ten years ago and storage in a private collection. Need a simple re-starting work , engine not lock , brakes works. The date of production in 1939
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“KETTENKRAD” hk101 – for sale

Rare motorcycle Kettenkrad , 1944’s production of Stoewer in the factory of Stettin , Germany. Body is the #410179 , the owner restored this kettenkrad in hight level and professional work for several years. The opel engine and the gear-box, differential was completly reconditionned. Wheels , tracks and arms was new. Ruber tracks and wheels
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DODGE”Command Car”-for sale

Chrysler dodge wc57 , command car body. Complet restoration in 2011 with engine recondition, body, electrical wiring, brakes and fuel lines, us military tires, us canvas… Price: 34500€ Informations: Tel: +33 (0)

“Early” Jeep Ford – For sale

GPW jeep , Ford early production of second july 1942 Ford frame number #46321 and “matching number” with the data plates This jeep was restored in 2005, in the workshop of military classic vehicles. Find in normandy, in “farm condition”with bad storage , the body could not be restored and replace by a Ford reproduction. Engine
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Jeep Ford G P W – sold

GPW jeep , Ford production of 1943-10. Ford frame number #150828, full restored with the original standard. The body is original , and lot of parts are Ford. Engine is willys , reconditionned, gearbox too. Nice restoration and gpw jeep with lot of ford details and accessories. Price: 31500€ Informations: – +33(0)  

Dodge WC57 “Command Car” – sold

Chrysler Dodge « Command Car », WC57 model of 1943. Nice condition with lot of original parts and details, d-p-c-d screws on the body, us Trico wipers engines, us gages, original radio BC-603 ET BC-604 with the box and canvas, Ohio bras antenna insulators and bracket, tools , AC usa fuel cap… Electrical in 12 volts ,
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International Half Track M5- Sold – Collection of Monaco

Half Track , production of International in  1943 Ex collection of Monaco, complet restoration by Ventury sports cars. The ex owner invest and restored without the reality of the market, Every body and mecanic parts are removed and restored. Nice condition. New tracks and roller. Price: 43500€ Informations: / Tel: +33 (0)

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